Underwater Weddings

Some time ago, I happened to catch an underwater wedding or marriage proposal on YouTube. I have forgotten by now which it was, but at the time I thought it was an amazing idea.

So I later searched for it, because I wanted to blog about the seemingly unique idea.

It turns out, it is not unique at all. I don’t know if these people all came up with the idea independently or if they are all copying whoever was the first to do it, but I found quite a few videos without even extensively searching for them.

I don’t know that underwater marriage proposals surprise me. I’ve seen a married couple dive together. Plus, I know a dating couple that has been together for 5 years, and an underwater proposal seems completely plausible for them. After all, they are both scuba instructors and diving is their joint life.

The problem with an underwater wedding, though, is it seems that your guest list would be limited. Sure, you can invite your diving family. But, you’re telling an awful lot of people that you don’t care if they can’t attend. 

If my wife was a diver (she’s not even a swimmer), I would think to have a traditional wedding and a diving honeymoon. That way more people could attend the ceremony, and we could do our own thing when we would normally be doing our own thing anyway.

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  1. The thing about underwater marriage, you need also the clergy or notary who can scuba dive as well. It could be a good business for a diving center to offer such package and perhaps offer the non diver family with discover scuba diving package 😀


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