What’s the deal with plastic?

Caption: It wasn’t easy, but I went grocery shopping and managed to go almost completely plastic-free. 

This is a blog about scuba diving, so why am I blogging about plastic?

Caption: This is the first biodegradable plastic I have seen in the Philippines.

I think it’s impossible to be a scuba diver and not become an environmentalist to some degree. We marvel at the sealife, so it is a shame to see their habitats polluted. We admire the corals, so it is a shame to see them destroyed. We want to preserve these environments to that we and others can continue to enjoy them.

Caption: This is plastic, unfortunately, but at least the bag is reuseable. All of the other products were wrapped in single-use plastic.

Plus, our lives depend on it. No big deal.

Caption: If Ace Hardware can give me a paper bag, every store should be able to. No handles? No problem! That’s what my backpack is for.

The problem with plastic is that it doesn’t really go away. It breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. It finds its way into waterways, gets ingested by marine animals, which get eaten by bigger and bigger aquatic animals until we human eat them.

Caption: I was almost given rice in double-bagged single-use plastic bags. Luckily, I saw this reuseable bag for only 8 pesos, which is about US$0.16.

We are poisoning ourselves.

Caption: If LeylaM can give me my shawarma to go in a paper bag, every restaurant and eatery can do the same.

So I have become a bit of an ecowarrior. I clean up the ocean floor as I pass through. My family is trying really hard to find alternatives to plastic, even if it costs more. And, I have been offering suggestions to the local government. It feels good to try to make a difference, even if that contribution is small. At least I know that, at a minimum, my family is no longer making the problem worse at the rate that we had been doing.

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  1. Great idea! I bring my own bag to the supermarket and always wrap up the veggies with paper towel – it is also available in the supermarket where I usually shop, in addition to plastic bag. As for containers..that will be the hardest part..


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