PADI’s Project AWARE Specialty

When I first learned about PADI’s Project AWARE specialty, I heard voices lamenting that it is just one more way for PADI to earn even more money off divers. After all, most of the dive professionals at my preferred dive center were already removing debris from the ocean during their fun dives (I’m not sure if they do or not when they have students).

I don’t know the dive center’s official position, but this specialty would also seem to be a potential way for the dive center and its instructors to earn a little more income.

Sadly, my preferred dive center does not yet offer this specialty. I’m not sure I would actually learn anything from taking the course, but I would love to take it for its promotional value.

That’s right, this specialty has a promotional value, whether or not it has any educational value. I would take this specialty even if only for another chance to blog, post, tweet, pin, and share the need to clean up our oceans.

That said, I do have questions. Hopefully the course would answer them. For example, sometimes debris is in precarious places. Or, sometimes debris disintegrates when you touch it. Or, sometimes marine life is firmly attached to it. I would like to make more informed decisions and less spot judgment calls.

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