Foreign National Keepers Network

The Foreign National Keepers Network (FNKN) is an asset of the Philippine National Police (PNP). It consists of groups of ex-pats who volunteer to be available during disasters/emergencies to help the PNP locate other ex-pats for purposes of helping the PNP confirm their statuses to their respective embassies.

FNKN members may also assist the PNP as translators when crime victims cannot speak English, Tagalog, or any local dialect. They may also help the PNP locate foreigners who need to receive urgent notifications from their home countries.

I was talking the other day to a fellow FNKN member about scuba diving. It turns out that he is one of at least 4 divers in our local group.

The group has done a variety of public outreach activities, including environmental cleanups. This got us thinking, “what about underwater cleanups?”

It is too early, at this time, to know where this conversation will lead. However, knowing that at least four active members of the group are divers, it seems hopeful that we might incorporate that somehow into our mission.

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