Fake Plastic Straw Ban

I briefly got excited when I saw this sign at a local McDonalds. Sadly, I quickly realized it is meaningless.

  1. They proposed reducing the use of plastic straws for only one day
  2. The targeted audience was only dine-in customers; take-out customers presumably still got plastic straws
  3. There are straw dispensers on the counter; dine-in customers don’t ask for straws, anyway, they simply take them

Therefore, this one-day event probably resulted in absolutely no reduction in straw usage. This sign continues to sit on the counter near the straw dispensers, from which anyone can still take as many plastic straws as they wish.

You can do better than this, McDonalds.

2 thoughts on “Fake Plastic Straw Ban

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  1. That is highly disappointing. Getting rid of plastic straws seems like such low hanging fruit since there are decent alternatives like paper straws or modified straw-less lids. Something as simple as banning plastic straws could really have such a big impact to the well-being of our planet. McDonalds (and many other places) could all really do better.


    1. I’m honestly surprised they even go through this little effort here. This is a country where you can buy soda in a glass bottle, but the store will pour the contents into a single-use plastic bag with a plastic straw so you can drink on the go.

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