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I got excited the other day when I saw a tweet about Swaggr (@GetSwaggr on Twitter). Swaggr are athletic socks that “are made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles.”

But, Jacqueline Macleod (@TalamhLifestyle) had a great question: won’t microfibers from these socks end up washing out of our laundry and into our oceans? Yes, but @GetSwaggr has an answer for that!

Through their research, @GetSwaggr has come across GuppyFriend, which they say is one option that can be used to help prevent microfibers from entering the water system.

GuppyFriend washing bags (@patagonia on Twitter) help collect the microfibers that are released in wash cycles. This pertains to all your laundry, not just your Swaggr socks.

So, the only remaining question at this time is, “what do we do with the microfibers collected in our wash cycles?”

I have made two suggestions to @GetSwaggr:

1. Include microfiber collection bags with the socks; at least make it an option, anyway.

2. Allow customers to return the microfibers to them so that they can be re-recycled into more socks, something else, or anything else.

The company has been very responsive to these suggestions.

With the disclaimer that I do not yet own either the socks or the bags, I am going to publish the following “sock math” equation:

Swaggr + GuppyFriend + (pending microfiber disposition solution) = an environmentally-friendly sock solution.

No, this doesn’t solve all our plastic problems. However, it would reduce the number of post-consumed single-use plastic bottles out there while also preventing microfibers from the recycling solution from becoming an even worse problem.

Got better ideas? As stated above, the company seems very responsive.

FYI: Swaggr launches on Indiegogo on Wednesday, October 17th.

DISCLAIMER: There are no paid-or-otherwise-compensated endorsements in this blog article. I hate plastic pollution.

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