What’s Freediving Like?

Feel like you are in the water with him as Guillaume Néry vividly describes what it is like to set a 123-meter (403.5-foot) national freediving record.

If you don’t understand French, be sure to turn on subtitles!

Expect three things:

1. You will feel what it is like to freedive to 123 meters. Relax completely during the freefall, then feel the pressure increase on your body as you descend further and further together. Feel like a speck of cosmic dust at the bottom, then get narced up on your ascent. Finally, celebrate together when you see the white card. He’s THAT descriptive.

2. You will learn freediving strategy. He will lead you through packing that last breath before your descent to taking your first breath upon surfacing. Never look up, focus on the rope, and never panic. Begin exhaling at 5 meters so you can inhale as soon as you surface, then complete the exit protocol for the judges. This video is a masterclass!

3. You will learn the science of freediving. He talks about the diving reflex, vasoconstriction, and some of the physiological similarities between humans and marine mammals.

Of particular note, from 6:00-6:20 he describes a “pulmonary erection.”

He also talks a little bit about the history of freediving and the importance of his team.

His conclusion shifts to non-competitive freediving. He showcases the elegance and beauty of freediving and describes how it releases stress and eases body pains (although scuba diving does that, too). While freediving, you can interact with marine life in a way that you simply cannot do while making bubbles. All in all, freediving comes across as an almost-spiritual experience.

I have wanted to try freediving ever since I found out about it. Now, I really, really want to try it.

I would like to thank Reddit user Seebaer1986 (https://www.reddit.com/u/Seebaer1986?utm_source=reddit-android) for recommending this video to me.

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