Will Work For Air

I saw this tweeted; it was presumably meant as a joke. I retweeted it because I actually mean it!

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All of my certifications, specialties, recognitions, and dives to date have been heavily discounted or even free. I wrote content for a website and for several social media platforms, and I also took photos and videos.

I’m a marketing professional with a complete set of tools. I’ve done everything from direct mail to media relations to print/TV/radio advertising to interviews to speeches to, of course, websites and social media.

My alter ego is as a developer. I began, as you may imagine, developing databases and systems for marketing companies. My clients have ranged from Fortune 100 companies down to local non-profit organizations.

So, if you have a dive center in my area, or where I’ll be moving next year, maybe we can make a deal?

2 thoughts on “Will Work For Air

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  1. Thanks for including our original graphic in your blog post. How about a mention or a link back to ScubaLuis – https://scubaluis.com – as a small gesture of acknowledging our creativity (and copyright). 😉

    Have a great day and good luck finding work in and around scuba.

    Saludos from Cozumel, Mexico!


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