Scuba Divers are Clean

Have you ever noticed how frequently scuba diving professionals take showers?

1. They shower before pool sessions, like everyone should do before going swimming

2. They shower after pool sessions to wash off the chlorine

3. They shower before ocean dives, probably to help fit into wetsuits

4. They shower after ocean dives, to wash off the seawater

5. They shower, it seems, to change uniforms

6. They probably shower in the morning or at night like everyone else does

7. They shower some more

They really seem to shower a lot. I have been sitting at the dive center on many occasions, maybe waiting for a boat or something, and I couldn’t help but notice how everyone is always showering!

4 thoughts on “Scuba Divers are Clean

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  1. I guess this is a sign that I’m not a scuba diving professional. Yet. But now that you mention it, you’re absolutely right: divers really like their showers pre and post dives. Maybe it’s just to spend more time in the water?


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