Public Safety Diver?

When I started scuba diving, the path to becoming a professional seemed to be becoming an instructor. I now realize that this is not the only path.

I have started looking into becoming a public safety diver. This profession, or even if it just ends up bring a volunteer activity, combines scuba diving with a noble cause. This fits my personality quite well, actually.

I am still trying to learn all the requirements. So far, where I will be going, I will have to:

1. Take a Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course at a local community college

2. Apply for an available Deputy Sheriff position at the County Sheriff’s office

3. Somehow volunteer for the dive team; I’m still waiting for more information on what to do after steps 1 and 2

I’m also still waiting to find out the general qualifications. The military has age limits to enlist, so I am hoping that is not the case to become a public safety diver.

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