24th Dive Against Debris

We removed 6 pieces of debris weighing a total of .35 kg from Shangri-la Marine Sanctuary off Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines.

This was my 2nd really fun dive of the day. During my 1st dive (https://scubadivingzero.wordpress.com/2018/06/11/23rd-dive-against-debris/), I followed along an instructor-student team that was doing a simulated decompression dive. We did deco stops that were not actually necessary, but were good practice before the student did a real deco dive.

This dive was similarly unusual, in that it was a divemaster training course. So my dive buddy was the divemaster trainee leading the group, while another buddy team included 2 instructors, one of whom was evaluating the trainee.

At several points, the divemaster trainee did an air check. The 1st one got my attention because I had noticeably less air than everyone else. OK, they are far more experienced than I am. But, toward the end, one instructor signalled having 120 BAR remaining while I only had 80 BAR. I felt like I was really sucking air in comparison.

When we returned to the dive center, that instructor confessed to starting with 230, whereas I started with 200. So, during that last air check, his air consumption was 10 better than mine, not 40. The other instructor also started with 200, but legitimately had the best air consumption rate.

The best part, perhaps, of diving with a group of this composition, is that everyone was naturally searching for debris. Fortunately, we found little.

On a side note, it is also comforting to dive in a group in which every single member is Stress & Rescue certified!

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