21st Dive Against Debris

We removed 7 pieces of debris weighing more than 1 kilogram total from Kontiki off Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

This was my first dive to 40 meters as part of my SSI Deep Diving course. We descended straight down the wall, so this debris was found at depth.

In fact, the first thing I saw at the end of my freefall was the plastic spoon. I knew we had a very limited No Decompression Limit (NDL), so I was scrambling to get as much as I could into my mesh bag before we started our ascent.

You’ll also notice that one piece of debris is way too large for my scale. I have absolutely no idea what it is, or how it got into the weird position I found it in. But, it didn’t belong there and it is now properly disposed of.

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