Deep Diving

My next specialty course will be deep diving. It will be my 5th diving specialty, and my 6th specialty overall.

The recreational diving depth limit is 18 meters. Anything below that, depending on who you are talking to, is a deep dive. My deepest dive to-date, however, has been to 30 meters. And I felt comfortable at that depth.

The deep diving course extends a diver’s maximum depth to 40 meters. My probable instructor has already spoken about bringing a relatively-low nitrox blend to maximize our bottom time.

Instead of being limited to 5 minutes at 40 meters, the right percentage of oxygen in our nitrox blend could give us up to 20 minutes at 40 meters.

I’m looking forward to it!

My completed specialties, in order:

1. Enriched Air Nitrox

2. Perfect Buoyancy

3. React Right (non-diving)

4. Science of Diving

5. Diver Stress & Rescue

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