14th Dive Against Debris

My 14th #DiveAgainstDebris removed 18 pieces of debris, weighing a total of 1.2 kilograms, from Shangri-la Marine Sanctuary.

This is very surprising, because SMS is normally very clean. However, we went a route through the sanctuary that I have never taken before, and maybe that route is also less frequented by other clean-up divers.

Something that is always great to see, is that I saw 2 other divers take the initiative to bring mesh bags on their dives. One is an instructor who works at the dive center, but the other was a vacationing guest. The latter is especially terrific, that someone visiting on vacation wants to spend time helping to keep the host marine sanctuary clean.

I’m sad to report that I could not retrieve one plastic fork. No less than three marine organisms were firmly attached to it, so I had to leave it in place. Whenever this happens, I am always torn between knowing how bad the plastic is for them versus how much worse removing them from the ocean would be for them.

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