Science of Diving

With the Science of Diving specialty, I have 4 specialties and 21 logged dives. With 3 more dives, I will earn SSI Advanced Open Water Diver recognition.

Science of Diving is not particularly difficult, but it’s certainly not easy. It covers a very broad spectrum of topics, and the written test has 100 questions. With that many questions, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Nonetheless, I scored 97 correct out of 100. I’m OK with the questions I missed, because they were really obscure. I remember that one was about the names of wave actions. I don’t even remember that being in the material.

Anyway, I’m glad that specialty is out of the way. I’m looking forward to receiving Advanced Open Water Diver recognition, because it’ll represent being a little bit less of a scubanoob. I’ll still feel like a scubanoob, but a relatively knowledgeable one.

Next up will be Stress & Rescue, and then I will dive my way to Master Diver recognition. Along the way, I will work on the specialties needed to become a Dive Guide.

I am not a dive professional yet, but I keep baby finning (as opposed to baby stepping) a little bit closer and closer….

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