Best React Right Course Ever

React Right is supposed to be a “boring” specialty, because it is supposed to take place in a classroom. Supposed to, anyway….

As I was approaching my dive center, however, I happened upon the resort’s resident marine biologist. She told me that young students were arriving, again, to learn about coral reef restoration, saving our oceans, and saving our planet. She asked me if I was participating again, and I said I didn’t know about it. I was scheduled for React Right (first aid, CPR, AED, and O2).

As I arrived to find my instructor, I was recruited to be the photographer. My instructor and I worked out the logistics where I would start my course while the students were being briefed on land, then I would dive, and then I would finish the course. Since I have been CPR and first aid certified multiple times over the years, plus I have been AED certified, we were not expecting the course to be challenging for me.

So, we proceeded as planned. We covered quite a bit in the morning, and then I got in 2 dives. The first dive was to recover coral fragments and live rock. After tying pieces of each together with metal wire, the second dive was to plant the corals in a designated area.

While the divers worked, I swam around taking photos and videos. One of my newest favorite things to do, I swam on my back now and again to take photos and videos of the students snorkeling above, watching and learning.

I had commented before the dives that I didn’t think I needed a mesh bag that day because of where we would be diving. I was wrong. At the end of the second dive, we swam back to the pier. Along the way, I recovered 2 pieces of debris weighing about .1 kg together.

I obviously glossed over a lot here but, long story short, I completed my course,passed with a score of 29/30, and had an amazing time. It would be enough fun just to participate in any way in a coral reef restoration project, but knowing that the next generation is watching and learning raises the experience to a whole new level.

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