SSI Specialty Diver

During my first three-dive day on Monday, I was chitchatting with one of the other divers, one of the instructors, or… well, somebody else, and my dive history came up. He or she (isn’t it terrible that I can’t remember) said that I qualify for SSI Specialty Diver recognition. 

The prerequisites for SSI Specialty Diver recognition are 2 completed specialties plus 12 logged dives. I completed 2 specialties very early on, actually, and I was completing dives 17, 18, and 19 that day. 

So, I finally remembered to ask my dive center about it today, and BAM… my first recognition. Just like that.

I have been signed up for both React Right and Science of Diving for a while, but my dive center has been busy so I have been enjoying fun dives while waiting for things to quiet down. This gives vacationers the opportunity to take whatever courses they are interested in. I live nearby, so I can afford to be patient.

As of this moment, I hope to complete those two specialties tomorrow. That will leave me with 4 completed specialties plus 19 logged dives, and thus only 5 dives away from Advanced Open Water Diver recognition!

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