2 More Project Aware Surveys

Over the course of 2 dives, my groups retrieved from the ocean 15 pieces of debris weighing .7 kg.

The most unusual, and most disgusting, find was a diaper. I briefly hesitated to pick it up, but I reminded myself that it didn’t belong there. After the dive, my dive buddy said he couldn’t believe it when he saw me actually pick it up. 

The diaper was on the wall at Talima, off Olango Island, Philippines, at a depth of about 25 meters. No other debris was found. It is as if someone changed a diaper on a boat and then tossed it into the ocean. But, who changes a diaper on a boat? And, why is a baby even on a boat? Well, I don’t have the answers, but I do have the diaper. 

Overall, considering these 2 dives included 7 divers for 40 minutes and then 5 divers for 45 minutes, I consider myself fortunate that my nearby dive spots are relatively clean considering how many environmental disasters I see shared on social media.

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