Dive 14

This exciting fun dive introduced another new dive buddy. Our total group was me, my dive buddy, a married couple, and our dive guide.

We went to Kontiki, off Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines. It was my first time at this dive site. We didn’t see the ginormous excavator clamshell bucket artificial reef, but the dive was still amazing.

This was my first impression:

We saw quite a few interesting things like this down there. Our best guess is that there is a fairly large coral reef restoration project underway.

I took the previous photo on descent, and this next one at our safety stop:

Also, soon after descent, we reached the top of the wall. Visibility was poor enough that I could finally capture an “end of the world” shot. This is surreal, because you can’t see anything but abyss when you look down or when you look away from the wall.

Around the start of our safety stop, before we realized these large objects are probably for a coral reef restoration project, I saw what seems to be an overturned table. I went closer to take a photo and discovered another table next to it. I motioned my group over so everyone could see the corals that someone is growing there.

And that’s when I took the featured photo for this blog article. I took quite a few photos, actually, of the wall and other things, and I will slowly be sharing those photos across my social media accounts.

This dive lasted 45 minutes and my maximum depth was 18 meters. My group picked up debris that I will be reporting to Project Aware.

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