Dive 13

I had a problem with my underwater camera, so unfortunately the only photo I have from my morning dive this past Saturday is this one, on my walk to the dive center.

I was sad, because this was my first dive without the 9-foot tall Dutchman, as I affectionately refer to him. He was my instructor for Try Scuba Diving, Open Water Diver certification, and Enriched Air Nitrox and Perfect Buoyancy specialties. He was also my dive buddy on all of my fun dives. Unfortunately, as a foreigner in the Philippines, it was his time to move on.

Fortunately, I had 2 great fun dives on Saturday, starting with this one. We had a dive guide and a divemaster for 5 divers. I had a new dive buddy I had never met before, but we spoke a lot and had a great time.

We spent 40 minutes underwater at Talima, off Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines. I was only one of 2 divers on nitrox, so I stayed at 30 meters and above. My dive buddy dipped a little below that, but I’m not risking oxygen toxicity outside of an emergency. This probably demonstates the importance of diving with similar gasses.

I hope to get photos from my dive buddy at some point, but I think he missed the shots I really wanted to take. It was my first time seeing the wreck-like wreck at Talima (it’s very small). I also saw garden eels for the very first time; they were much smaller than I thought they would be. There was also a cool looking fish and a crab that I wish I could’ve photographed, but I’ll just keep going back until I see them again.

Also, the group picked up a bit of trash from the seafloor. I still need to submit a Project Aware survey. I picked up my worst find to date: a diaper at about 25 meters. I really didn’t want to touch it, but I told myself that it really didn’t belong there. There was no other debris around, so it is hard to imagine someone changing a diaper on a boat and tossing it into the ocean. But, at 25 meters down, I don’t see too many options on how it got there.

Overall, it was a fun dive in the truest sense of the term.

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