New Scuba Diving Instructor

I found out the other day that when my diving hiatus finally ends, hopefully in 2 weeks, I might have a new instructor. It’s a combination, I think, of scheduling conflicts and the courses I am choosing to take.

My current instructor has been present on every dive. He was there in the pool during my introductory lesson. He was there for my Open Water Diver certification and both specialties. And, he was there on every fun dive.

So, he has been there all 13 times I have worn scuba gear to date. I guess I knew that I would eventually have to dive without him, but I have come to think of him as an essential piece of dive gear. It’s going to be very strange diving without him.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this? Has anyone else started diving with one person, and continued diving with that person long enough that the thought of diving without that person was sad?

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