For the Love of Scuba Diving

At the end of the coral reef restoration project ( and, we surfaced at the boat with the crates, weights, and other materials. Because we were done, I thought we were all about to go up the ladder and return to the dive center.

Instead, the other divers slowly sank lower and lower in the water, until they all disappeared. I thought that maybe there was something else that had to be done, so I descended back down, as well.

I did not see any work taking place. With the work accomplished, but with nitrox still in our tanks, I saw the others drifting carefree around the new coral reef we had just built. They were stopping and proverbially smelling the underwater roses.

It was beautiful, really, to observe veteran divers just enjoying diving like that.

I’m a quick learner, by the way. I followed suit and was the last one to surface!

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