Waterfront Mactan

If you are going to dive in the Philippines, I recommend staying at the Waterfront Mactan Airport Hotel & Casino.

First of all, despite its name, it is actually nowhere near the water. It is closer to the middle of Mactan Island than its coastline. However, the island is so small that it’s no big deal. The relative isolation that the airport provides is a good thing, and I will address that more later.

Let’s get to my favorite part: the food. You may have noticed from the photos, borrowed from the hotel’s website, by the way, that my favorite aspect of the hotel is the restaurant. The service and food are fantastic. I have no complaints.

Next in line is the swimming pool area. It’s just one big family play area. There’s a small gym and a billiards table that I have never really used, but they are there if you are interested in either.

The best part of the rooms is the relative quiet. Again, the airport’s isolation is the key. Other hotels cannot be soundproofed enough against their surroundings. The Waterfront, however, can provide peace and quiet at all times, well, except for New Year’s Eve. The Philippines endures unhealthy decibel levels on New Years Eve.

There are quite a few other plusses that I won’t get too much into. Feel free to browse their website or contact them for the details. But, this is the only hotel that can’t possibly have traffic to/from the airport terminals, there is always someone on duty to call up an honest taxi (I have actually gone there just to get a taxi), there are conveniently accessible stores on premises, and the restaurant is the best I’ve been to in the Philippines (just in case I’ve forgotten to mention the food and service).

In conclusion, I’ve shopped around for myself and for my family. All of my searches ended up back at Waterfront Mactan. You can’t go wrong there.

And if you do stay there, let me know. I can recommend a dive center that will pick you up at the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about transportation. But, that recommendation is for another blog post….

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    1. No, there are small wrecks along the Mactan and Olango coastlines, but the nearest real wreck that I know of is in Liloan. There are a few caves around here, but I haven’t been in any of them yet. There is also a 100-meter drop somewhere for deep technical divers. Otherwise, it is just mostly-clean and pretty.


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