5th Project Aware Survey

During a 39-minute dive at Santa Rosa, off Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines, my dive buddy and I collected 9 pieces of debris weighing 1.05 kilograms.

I picked up the metal can very early in the dive, and as you can see in the photo that was easily the bulk of the weight. I was, therefore, about 1 kg too heavy for the entire dive. That may not seem like much to a non-diver, but a diver’s weighting system is adjusted only 1 kg at a time.

The mesh bag was so heavy, in fact, that it twice slipped out of the belt strap that I normally secure it with. I noticed when I spontaneously started ascending. 

The first time, I descended from our 20-meter depth along the wall to 30 meters to retrieve it. The second time, my dive buddy did. After that, my dive buddy secured it with a metal clip and it stayed attached to me until we returned to the dive center.

The best part of this dive was that another relatively new diver noticed the mesh bag back at the dive center and started asking questions. He passed about 10 pieces of debris during his dive. He liked the idea of picking up the debris, so hopefully he will start doing that on his future dives.

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