Motion Sickness

In researching motion sickness, I read online that drinking Coca-Cola supposedly helps. There is a specific acid in it that provides the relief.

I have tried it twice now. I drank a can of Coke shortly before one dive, and I drank a can shortly after another. The reason I drank one after, not before, is simple: I forgot.

Anyway, the first test was a boat dive. Sure enough, I had a little bit of motion sickness after the dive, but it was noticeably milder than after other boat dives.

The second test was after a shore dive, but the current was vigorous. I felt moderately motion sick after that one, and drinking Coke seemed to accelerate my recovery from it.

So, does this count as scientific testing? Absolutely not.  

Is it worth continuing to drink a can of Coke before every dive? Yes. Even if it is only a placebo, I’ll take it!

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