SCUBA Racing

I asked my scuba instructor why there are no scuba races. There are records for depth and duration, but not for speed.

I live on Mactan Island. How about a race to nearby Olango Island? Has no one thought of that?

Or, let’s you and I start off with 200 BAR and see who can get the farthest. Has no one thought of that either?

Or, going back to our Olango Island race, there could be rules. If you have to surface, you are disqualified. Maybe if you finish with less than 50 BAR you are disqualified?

I think the reason I asked this question is because of the way I typically go sightseeing on land. I don’t just walk from one sight to another. I like to run from point to point so I can take more time photographing and less time walking. I also typically run circles around my group so I can photograph anyone with me.

Translating this to the water, I have a desire to sprint from one sight to the next, stopping only for photography. After all, what does a sandy seafloor do for me?

I realize why my approach would be energy inefficient and air inefficient, but which is better: a relaxing one hour underwater or an exhilarating 30-45 minutes? You know my vote!

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