Early Photography

Here are some photos I took before doing any research on underwater photography. 

The GoPro that I use forces me to take photos blind. I cannot be certain what I am pointing the camera at, if the subject is in focus, or how the photo came out.  I can only find these things out after I return to the dive center. 

As a result, for these photos, I just pointed the camera in every possible direction and went click click click. I took hundreds of photos, and then I deleted most of them.

Historically, I do not like to edit my photos other than cropping. Underwater photos require editing, though. Adjusting the white balance alone can make a huge difference.

In regards to these photos, I cropped them and adjusted their white balances. I may have adjusted their brightness and contrast, but I don’t remember specifically.

Because of the way colors are absorbed in the water, I now know to keep the camera as close to my subjects as possible. Also, until I can take the course, I would like to experiment with a waterproof flashlight, if I can get one. And, I now know that there is little point in taking wide shots, because the photos just end up being green. White balance correction helps a little bit, but not enough.

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