Next Up: Nitrox

Unfortunately, I was not able to dive today and complete the requirements for SSI Open Water Diver certification. However, unless there was a miscommunication, I might be able to do my next two dives with nitrox!

I already knew my next course should be and would be Enriched Air Nitrox. However, I did not know that courses could be combined.

I could be mistaken. I hope not. But, the more dives the merrier, so it doesn’t really matter.

If anyone reading this is not a diver, I am currently breathing the same air underwater as we are all breathing right now. Atmospheric air is not optimal for diving.

Nitrox is air that has a higher concentration of oxygen and a lower concentration of nitrogen. This is good, because nitrogen buildup in your tissues is what causes you to need to do decompression stops as you ascend.

Diving with nitrox allows you to stay at the bottom longer without needing decompression. From everything I hear, it is safer to breathe underwater at the depths that I will be diving in the near future. There are other gas mixes for deeper depths, and I looked forward to breathing those in the not-too-distant future.

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