Finding Nemo

Clownfish, aka anemonefish, are everywhere in the Philippines. I’ve seen them everywhere I‘ve dived and snorkeled. OK, that’s only 4 sites, but that’s 100%. Anyway, I’m fairly certain I’ll see them everywhere else around here.

So, I’m doing some research on anemonefish, specifically on their relationship with their host sea anemone. In doing that research, I discovered something else.

Have you seen the “Finding Nemo” movie? If not, *** SPOILER ALERT ***

When Nemo’s mother was killed, daddy Marlin became a female. Marlin was the new mommy. When Nemo hatched and grew enough, he became the new daddy. They were NOT father and son. They were mommy and daddy. They wouldn’t have been alone for long; they would’ve made more eggs.

When Nemo was captured, he became a female also. In the aquarium, she was a female with no partner. When Marlin and Dory arrived, Nemo and Marlin were both females. Most likely, Marlin would’ve stayed female and Nemo would’ve become a male again.

Because science. 

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