Waterproof Camera

This is the waterproof camera that I am sometimes able to borrow. I can neither see what I am photographing while I am taking shots, nor can I see what I have photographed until I return to the dive center. However, the quality is good and getting better.

At first, I just held the camera in front of me and blindly went click click click. I have since done some research, and I can do better in the future. For example, I know that I have to get the camera close to my subjects. Anything far away will only be blue and green.

I also want to experiment with an underwater light, if I can borrow one.

Otherwise, I have begin experimenting with white balance. I have always preferred to never alter my photos in any way besides cropping, but now that I have taken photos underwater I see the value of at least correcting the white balance. So, I’ll start there.

I look forward to sharing decent quality photos in the future. Thank you for following!

And, yes, I hope to take the Photo & Video course in the near future.

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