Static Apnea

Shortly after I learned about freediving (, I downloaded an app called “Apnea tables.” I have started to practice holding my breath a little bit longer each day.

I was surprised that my starting point was 1:30, or 1 minute and 30 seconds. I was only hoping to still be able to hold my breath for 1 minute!

But, 1:30 seems to be a consistent minimum each day. However, I have now hit the 1:45 mark. Despite this screen capture, I did not succeed at 2 minutes. I succeeded at 1:45, and then the app advances to 2:00.

So, to be clear, 1:45 is my current personal record for holding my breath. And, that is an all-time record, by the way.

I hope to get into freediving at some point. At a minimum, I would imagine that this exercise will also help scuba diving. Breathing efficiency is very important in regards to oxygen consumption, so I have to believe that exercising my respiratory system, even though you never hold your breath while scuba diving, has to be beneficial in some way.

Is there a scientist in the house?

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