Dives 2 and 3

On December 9, 2017, I logged my 2nd and 3rd dives. This was also, obviously, my first time doing 2 dives in one day. It was also my first time wearing a dive computer. It’s very interesting watching real-time stats as you dive.

We started off in the swimming pool. The last exercise we had to do was an out-of-air scenario. We actually took turns cutting off each other’s air. I actually felt more comfortable with the idea of getting my own air cut off than the idea of cutting off someone else’s air and something going wrong. Needless to say, in a 2-meter pool you have nothing to worry about. Just practice the skill in case of a real emergency. And, continuously check your air supply so you never actually get to zero. You should always have at least 50 BAR when you finish. We have been aiming for 70 BAR.

I talked to my instructor about the #binbagchallenge. So, we took a mesh bag with us on our ocean dives. When we saw trash on the seafloor, we picked it up. After both dives, we discarded the trash properly.

My 2nd dive was an easy dive through Shangri-la Marine Sanctuary off Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. This was my first entry from a pier. We did a seated entry. I saw a mock wreck that is used to train for wreck diving. I did not go through it, though. This was my first time not wearing a wet suit, and I felt much more comfortable. I’ll probably have to wear one for deeper depths, but at shallow depths I felt much more natural just drifting in a bathing suit and t-shirt. We logged 48 minutes, which tied my first dive, and a maximum depth of 9.7 meters, less than my first dive.

We swam back to shore. Unfortunately, our mesh bag was emptied into a trash can before I could photograph our haul. At least we did our part to preserve the marine sanctuary.

My third dive was at Talima Sanctuary, off Olango Island. I forego a wetsuit again. We practiced a few skills in the water, and then began to explore. I saw a sea snake through a hole, and it was so long it didn’t seem to end. I saw a stonefish that looked really, really angry. We were swarmed by a school of jacks, which was really cool. A baby clownfish, for the second time, seemed to be trying to figure out what my instructor is.

Again, my apologies for not bringing a waterproof camera. It is still discouraged during training. I hope to bring a camera on my 4th and 5th dives, at least the 5th.

The best part of Talima is drifting sideways along the wall. It’s just amazing. The surreal part is that visibility was only about 10 meters, so this was the first time I have ever looked straight down and seen absolutely nothing. I highly recommend it!

We logged 58 minutes, a new record for me, and a maximum depth of 17.9 meters, another new record for me.

I managed to take a photo of our trash haul. Fortunately, the marine sanctuaries around here seem to be relatively clean. Any trash is too much trash, but this could definitely be worse considering we were underwater for almost an hour.

After we returned to our dive center, we did our debriefing, logged my dives, and planned the completion of my SSI Open Water Diver course.

Blogger’s Note: My blog is now current, so I will start doing realtime blogging. Fortunately, I thought about doing this not too far into my training!

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