Day One

I began training for my SSI Open Water Diver certification on November 29, 2017.

First, I took note of my instructor’s 5-star service. We selected a seating area, he offered me a bottle of cold drinking water, I completed and signed some paperwork, and then we reviewed the course agenda.

He showed my how to assemble my scuba gear. We selected my wetsuit, booties, regulators, scuba tank, buoyancy compensator, fins, and mask/snorkel. Together, we assembled and tested my complete set of scuba gear, and then we were ready to go. Along the way, he provided a lot of information that I am skipping over here.

For those who have not tried scuba diving, but like to go shopping, you may like this part. Most of your equipment has to fit properly, so selecting your equipment feels a lot like trying on clothing when you go shopping.

We then made our way to the pool. As a student, I do not have to carry my own scuba gear. However, as a future provider of 5-star service, I want to copy whatever my instructor does. So, if he has to carry his own scuba gear, I will carry my own scuba gear, as well. Besides, it’s good exercise, and training gear is not heavy.

Safety checks always come first. My instructor and I checked our buoyancy compensators, weights, releases, and regulators, and then each gave our final OK.

My swimming pool exercises included:

  • regulator clearing and retrieval

  • mask clearing and removal/replace

  • neutral buoyancy through breathing

  • giant stride entry

  • weight belt remove/replace

  • buoyancy compensator remove/replace, surface

  • controlled descent

  • buoyancy compensator remove/replace, submerged

  • no mask swim

  • controlled ascent

  • neutral buoyancy hover

  • air share ascent, receiver

  • breathing from free-flowing regulator

Because we covered a large percentage of the academic learning and swimming pool exercises, we called it a day. We scheduled training only two days later to include what it’s all about: diving in the ocean. My homework, before then, was to complete the online training.

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