Drift Diving

On Nov 24, 2017, I learned about drift diving. Specifically, I heard about and watched a video about the Channel Drift site near Boracay Island in the Philippines.

I had already drifted during my first scuba training session, but at that time I was practicing my underwater control instead of enjoying it. Truth be told, I was trying to not collide with my instructor (pictured). The current seemed to be pushing me towards him, so I kept trying to add some lateral distance.

Anyway, drift diving is entering a swimming position and allowing the water currents to propel you forward. You can simply relax and enjoy it.

And the way you swim over the seafloor, if feels a lot like flying. Personally, I like to stretch out like Superman (because I am writing this retroactively until I get caught up). You can choose your own favorite flying superhero or superheroine and practice your favorite flying positions. At my age, I’m all Christopher Reeve.

Plus, I can hum the John Williams theme as I “fly” along.

As long as you pay attention to everything else you are doing, including your depth, your air supply, and your dive buddy’s whereabouts, you can have a lot of fun drift diving.

I’m looking forward to experiencing some real currents, since experienced divers don’t think I’ve even faced moderate currents yet!

The bottom line is: it’s fun. I highly recommend it!

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